V. Sun Mar 21st 3PM "IS MOZART HAYDN?"

V. Sun Mar 21st 3PM "IS MOZART HAYDN?"

A little play on words in this title reveals what is in store for this concert! Maestro Boothe and Raymond Jones from WHRO lead us through a delightful introduction contrasting the features of Mozart and Haydn. The concert will feature two of our most special guests, Ànnika Jenkins, and National Symphony Orchestra cellist, Steven Honigberg, as they are featured with the Symphonicity Chamber Orchestra in this beloved classical repertoire. In this concert, you will definitely see Mozart "is" Haydn as the pieces will be presented in a highly-innovative and unusual manner!
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40th Anniversary Masterworks IV:  "IS MOZART HAYDN?” 

  • Daniel W. Boothe, Conductor
  • Ànnika Jenkins, Violin
  • Steven Honigberg, Cello


Movements from the following list will be "mixed-up" in special combinations.


HAYDN:  Cello Concerto in D Major


MOZART:  Violin Concerto No. 3 in G Major 


HAYDN:  Symphony No. 19 in D Major