Digital Ovation Series Membership (Sponsored by PRA Group)

Digital Ovation Series Membership (Sponsored by PRA Group)

Purchase access to a MEMBERS ONLY page of this website featuring all five online masterworks concerts, the Lollipop Concert for Children and Families, and our Messiah Sing-Along in December. Also included are 40 Interviews that celebrate the people who have impacted our history. Blog postings from the maestro, staff and musicians will be offered to Digital Ovation Series Members only! Once logged in with your new membership, a "Members Only" page will appear. This innovative and dynamic "virtual season" is a wonderful way to share in the music while also supporting your symphony orchestra!
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40th Anniversary Masterworks I: "GREAT BEGINNINGS!" 

  • Daniel W. Boothe, Conductor 


FUCHS:  United Artists 


HAILSTORK:  To Those Who Serve (World-Premiere)


GERSHWIN:  Cuban Overture


BACH / ARR. STOKOWSKI:  Toccata and Fugue in D minor (Stage Camera View!)


Brief Intermission / Stretch Break


DVORAK:  Symphony No. 9 "From the New World" 




40th Anniversary Masterworks II: "ODE TO BEETHOVEN!"

  • Daniel W. Boothe, Conductor
  • Dr. Nancy Klein, Chorus Master
  • Dr. Rachel Holland, Soprano
  • Judith Burke, Mezzo-soprano 
  • Dr. John A. McGuire, Tenor
  • Christopher Edwards, Bass
  • The Symphonicity & ODU Chorus


MARKOWSKI:  JoyRIDE (based on "Ode to Joy") 


BEETHOVEN:  Wellington's Victory 


Brief Intermission / Stretch Break


BEETHOVEN:  Symphony No. 9 "The Choral Symphony"




Sat Jan 9th 3PM Lollipops "PETER & THE WOLF"

This year's annual concert for children and families will feature dancers from Ballet Virginia! Hear Raymond Jones from WHRO tell the story as Symphonicity plays in Sergei Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf." There will be special interactive portions of this concert featuring our musicians interacting with our young viewers. Be sure not to miss this classic, along with all the extras!



40th Anniversary Masterworks III:  "VERDI'S REQUIEM" 

  • Daniel W. Boothe, Conductor
  • Dr. Nancy Klein, Chorus Master
  • Anna Feucht, Soprano
  • Emily Russell, Mezzo-soprano 
  • Brian Nedvin, Tenor
  • Larry Giddens, Bass
  • The Symphonicity & ODU Chorus


VERDI:  Requiem


  1. Requiem 
  2. Dies irae
  3. Offertory
  4. Sanctus
  5. Agnus Dei
  6. Lux aeterna
  7. Libera me



40th Anniversary Masterworks IV:  "IS MOZART HAYDN?" 

  • Daniel W. Boothe, Conductor
  • Ãnnika Jenkins, Violin
  • Steven Honigberg, Cello


Movements from the following list will be "mixed-up" in special combinations.

HAYDN:  Cello Concerto in D Major


MOZART:  Violin Concerto No. 3 in G Major


HAYDN:  Symphony No. 19 in D Major



40th Anniversary Masterworks V: "A PANDOLFI-PIATTI-TCHAIKOVSKY FINALE!"

  • Daniel W. Boothe, Conductor
  • Thomas Pandolfi, Piano
  • Dr. Don Krudop, Chorus Master
  • The Symphonicity Chorus & Virginia Beach Chorale
  • The Princess Anne High School Band




PIATTI:  Bohemian Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 


TCHAIKOVSKY:  1812 Overture